Why pay for e-learning?

There is a lot of free videos to be found on YouTube and it's great to see so much material there. I also uploaded my first videos there and got a lot of valuable feedback from millions of viewers.

More and more viewers started to request how they could learn this themselves and wanted to book seminars, but since the interest came from all over the world, it was impossible to meet all the requests of training.

Fans started then to request, if I could make some very high quality e-learning videos shot in slow motion and with close-up, where they had a chance to learn in details the most common techniques.

Today I am very proud to have met this request from thousands of followers and instead of making "normal" videos in normal quality and put it on YouTube, I hired a professional movie production partner with state of the art equipment in order to ensure the highest quality of e-learning videos.

You are also guaranteed to be trained by a true certified trainer who has a degree in Aikizendo 2 dan, Aikisystem 2 dan, self defence instructor, and who adapted all the best from the various mma styles into an extremely efficient self defence system called PROTECTO.

The feedback of the quality and ability to truly learn from my e-learning videos, have been overwhelming and you can read some of the feedback here at my site.

You will experience the quality difference yourself upon buying my videos and comparing them to what is for free at YouTube. This is the reason I have so many happy customers today, who requests more and more of my e-learning videos. I am therefore very happy to inform, that I am already working on launching even more innovative e-learning videos in the same high quality shot in slow-motion etc.

- Nenad Ikras