Quotes from customers

Thank You... The videos are GREAT!!! I've learned alot in an hour just practicing in my appartment... Recommended for Everyone or Anyone that wants to learn Self-Defense at the comfort of their home or office...

- Howard Borges

Dear Nenad, I have watched many self-defense videos on YouTube hoping to figure out what was happening, and I think you know what I wound up with... I was very impressed with the skill of the demonstrators, but they mostly just moved way too fast for me to follow, so I learned nothing useful. But these videos are awesome! This is powerful stuff, and finally it is so easy to see what is happening, the slow motion instruction is of course invaluable. Time to practice! Thank you so much for making these high quality videos available at such a reasonable price and for showing us this remarkable form of self-defense!

- James Kelly

Have really enjoyed your YouTube clips, I have been a student of Aikido for nearly ten years and currently train and teach Russian martial arts, but I must admit your approach and skill show a maturity beyond your years. Well done and I look forward to more clips of your art.

- James Dexter

Hi Nenad, Happy New Year! I practice Aikido and I find your approach to it very refreshing :) It gives a new look to the traditional kata - many of your moves I recognize but with a slightly different twist (here and there) :) Thank you for your putting this together and sharing with the martial arts community. I wish you all the best and I look forward to more videos so I can try it out with my other aikido buddies - at least we do know how to take the ukemi :) haha Once again, thank you! Domo arigato!

- Nicholas Goh

I purchased your system and I must give you a warm thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please keep me updated.

- Elita Samuel

Ive been watching this for awhile now. It certainly has earned my attention. I've always desired to learn this style of martial arts. It just seem more practial to me from all other styles. After buying the system, I can only confirm that this is much easier to learn than anything else I have tried. Peace

- MrSuccessful

Just purchased the entire package and watched my first one. Totally great teaching technique.

- Gregory Thomas

Your system is impressive.. you learned a martial art and then improve it.. as time changes, some improvement needs to be done and you did it .. Congrats!! Keep on the good work!!!

- Muhammad Syamil

Thanks for the video package. Just bought it and already enjoy learning your awesome techniques!

- Chris Banach

Sensei... I figured out the videos awesome training thank you...

- Jack Yilmaz

Hello,I pay for the Videos the day after I write to you and I recommend the videos to others people I work with! Thanks and Regards

- Lazaro Izquierdo Gomez

one day U will be a movie star in hollywood ;) greetings Nenad

- Marsell

Gotta learn this stuff, it look so cool!!

- Kong Vang

I believe it is very effective system and Nenad is great practitioner. I am Krav Maga fighter


i really love Nenad's style. no bullshit no dances or fireworks, just effective tecniques. absolutely great!!!

- Mao Templar

You are the master! l love your videos. l need a master like you.

- Tiago Humberto

Well Nenad i have to say your videos are still awesome and helpfull

- Michael Davis

i really admire you Nenad!! i wish you were my teacher!!

- josefinoflyer

Very good video,, I like your techniques,, I am guessing that your a Yoshikan aikidoka ?

- Samw1121

Enjoyed this video. Keep making these videos. It's great to see your teaching style and your student's reactions as they are having fun with the techniques.

- ChenCenter

Awesome modules, simple to learn and devastating!

- Ricardinho Temata

Nenad u r officially my new hero :)

- Mao Templar

As always, from one instructor to another, very well done!

- Shinobi Science