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This is your first step in an exciting new challenge – becoming a professional martial art performer! Nenad Ikras is ready to share his mastery and knowledge, and hopes that you will join him in reaching for the very highest standards.

    Why you should choose PROTECTO?

  • It's easy!
  • You can succeed in the training without leaving your home, even if you never tried a single martial art's class in your life.
  • It's effective!
  • PROTECTO will make you feel safe and give you the confidence to protect your family and friends in risky situations. Training will exercise all joints and muscle groups. Regular lessons will improve your health and body conditions.
  • It's unique!
  • PROTECTO is based on Nenad Ikras' idea: if an attack is in progress – defense must move on too and adapt to the current situation.
    As a PROTECTO online system member, you will learn:

  • How to protect yourself against the most common attacks and weapons such as knifes, guns, baseball bats etc.
  • How to immediately gain the advantage in real street fighting situations
  • How to develop your fighting skills, speed and reaction
  • The e-learning videos have been developed so you will be able to see and learn the system from different angles, in slow motion and close up.


PROTECTO: your guide to self-defense mastery.

Which martial art is the best for self-defense? It sounds like a simple question. The problem is that there is no right answer. There exists a variety of different styles and disciplines of martial arts, each one of them has its own specific technique and form. You could spend years trying to obtain just the basics. Aikido, whing chun, jiu jitsu, judo... Each of these martial arts has its own strong and weak sides. But there are elements that you will miss while training with only one martial art technique. These missing elements have played a crucial role in the developing of the PROTECTO system.


  • The founder of PROTECTO, Nenad Ikras modified several hundred techniques and gave them new approach. He transformed ancient fighting art into a modern self-defense system.
  • It is an authentic self-defense martial art, which is extremely efficient and can be used in every-day realistic situations.
  • It provides a wonderful blend of tradition and competitiveness and brings self-respect and discipline.
  • PROTECTO was developed for the beginners, who have never tried fighting sport before, as well as for the professional fighters, who want to improve their skills.
  • Everyone is highly encouraged – regardless of his or her athletic level.

Can PROTECTO be learned by everyone? 100% YES! PROTECTO is easy and quick to learn, regardless of age, gender and physical condition.

  • It is an easy and dynamic system for beginners.
  • Professional fighters will benefit from it too, because it offers them efficient techniques based on the best achievements of martial arts.
  • It is excellent for women's self-defense.
  • It can be used for police training.
  • It is a positive and fun system for training children.
  • It will teach your children self-defense and improve their self-esteem.


  • It's about training that applies to your life.
  • It's about training that will change your life.
  • It's about training that allows you to defend yourself.
  • It's about training that allows you to defend your family and friends.
  • It's about training that will make you stronger, faster and healthier.
  • It's about a way of life which will introduce you to the philosophy and culture of martial arts.
Stop thinking: “I'll never be able to do that” and start right now with Nenad Ikras!


PROTECTO is made to introduce students in the inner secrets of the martial art. It's not a secret that martial arts contribute to physical and spiritual development. PROTECTO will test your spirit and character by the innovative fighting technique. The system is meant for all individuals who want to learn the real-life, practical self-defense skills and achieve a greater level of health and well-being. Observing PROTECTO system in action, your eyes and imagination are hypnotized by the dynamic movements and visible power of this technique. And don't forget the big potential hidden in these graceful and flowing motions. Unlike others martial arts, the focus in the PROTECTO system is placed not on the victory, but on the tactics of outdoor battles. The Powerful and dynamic PROTECTO is a wonderful style which can be pursued throughout your life. It will teach you how to attain maximum potential in a real-life situation.

PROTECTO don't mainly focus on punching attackers, but rather on using their own energy to gain control of them. You will be able to defend yourself against a stronger and bigger opponent. Your weapon against the opponent will be his own strength. With practical PROTECTO training system, you will learn how to prevent and overcome all kinds of attacks and violence. PROTECTO is not a static martial art system. Great emphasis is placed on motion and the dynamics of movement. Speaking about the technical side of PROTECTO, it is rooted in several styles of traditional martial arts, such as Aikido, Whing Chun, Jiu Jitsu, Judo. The system combines quick hand strikes, sweeps and throws and brutal elbow and knee strikes. PROTECTO is the result of its founder Nenad Ikras own innovation. It is his life style, work and inspiration, as well as his contribution to the development of the world self-defense techniques. This makes PROTECTO to be one of the most capable and profound martial arts systems today.


“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee...” That was how Muhammad Ali saw the perfect fighter's style. Such words will certainly come to your mind when you see the professional mixed martial artist Nenad Ikras in action. He is young. He is strong. He is passionate about martial arts. Nenad Ikras became famous for technical precision and dynamic style. Nenad is no ordinary fighter - he simply does things that other fighters don't do. And here's his story.

Nenad Ikras was born on August 9, 1988 in Subotica, in Serbia. At first, he started to learn aikido in Novi Sad under the guidance of the great master Dragan Jagodic. The ranks of this man speak better than words: 4th DAN Real Aikido, ju jutsu black belt 1st DAN and Tae Kwon Do master. During the next few years Nenad participated in several seminars and International summer schools of Real Aikido, where he met masters such as Bratislav Stajic (8th DAN Real Aikido) and Grandmaster Ljubomir Vracarevic (founder and creator of Real Aikido).

In 2007 Nenad participated for the first time in European Martial Arts Hall of Fame, where he demonstrated a dynamic and unique technique along with other masters: Russell McCartney - Sword systems 10th DAN (SAD), Dan Netherland - AIKI BO JUTSU 10 Dan Soke and Vuk Rašović - JUDO 9th DAN. Thanks to his great talent and hard work, Nenad Ikras became the first assistant of his master Dragan Jagodic and helped him to train other students in the club of Real Aikido.

2009 was an important year in Nenad's career – He received recognition from master Konstantin Kitzu (founder and master 10 DAN SOKE of AIKIZENDO & AIKISYSTEMA) for establishing his own fighting system called PROTECTO. Nenad continued polishing his mastery and the same year he received 2nd DAN from aikizendo & aikisystema, a license to teach and train others.

Being master in various techniques, Nenad wanted to create something defensive and dynamic. He is a talented and skilled fighter, and he understands that only a combination of different techniques makes you really powerful and invulnerable. This is a unique feature about Nenad Ikras. In order to succeed, he isolated ten main techniques from traditional martial arts and refined them through implementation of his personal knowledge. As a result we have PROTECTO.

PROTECTO is a system of self-defense techniques with the following basic characteristics: speed and timely reaction, continuity in execution of a technique and absolute final control over an attacker, supported by specific movements. PROTECTO is an authentic self-defense martial art, which is extremely efficient and applicable in every-day realistic situations.

Today Nenad Ikras continues trainings, fully committed and determined to get better day by day, learning from other martial arts masters from all around the World. He is ready to share his experience and mastery with others and to teach you how to protect yourself and increase your self-esteem.

What truly sets him apart from others martial arts performers is his talent and passion when it comes to teaching and mentoring.