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All videos include super slowmotion captures of the most important details, so that you can study the different techniques and get to master them to perfection.

No need to rewind all the time.

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Learn efficient self defense online now.

More than 2½ hours of training in 30 E-learning films!

Each technique is thoroughly covered and shot in highspeed so you dont miss a detail.

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It can be very costly and time demanding to join an ordinary self-defense class.

With our innovative e-learning program, you will be able to learn to protect yourself anytime and anywhere for a very low cost.

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I hope you enjoy my new site and the learning experience.

If you have questions, ideas or just want to say hello, you are welcome to contact me on Facebook.

Likewise, if you have problems with the page, please contact me on my email.

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  • What is Protecto?

    PROTECTO is a self defense system. Learn more about it - and Nenad.

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    What does it cost, and how does it work?
    -Well, not much, check out the payment plans.

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